Wagner Group

Gerhart Wagner, full professor, PhD
Participating group members:
Ph.D. studs Mirthe Hoekzema, Erik Holmqvist and Maaike Sterk. Post doc. Magnus Lundgren.
Address etc.:
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Biomedical Center, Uppsala university, Box 596, S-75124 Uppsala, Sweden. email: gerhart.wagner@icm.uu.se

Profile of the group:

G. Wagner heads the Microbiology program of ICM/Uppsala university and is a member of URRC (RNA Research Center of Excellence with groups covering essentially all special topics related to RNA). GW was full professor at SLU /Swedish university of Agricultural Sciences (1995-2000) and is full professor at Uppsala university since 2000. GW has obtained steady and considerable external funding for many years. He has educated post-docs (9) and PhD students (14 completed so far), and taught and developed many courses on all levels. The group has a very strong track record in regulatory ncRNAs in bacteria. It has pioneered work on plasmid replication control and on the initial identification of ubiquitous sRNAs in bacteria, and published important work on the biological functions of sRNAs. More recently, an additional focus is on the role of key proteins in sRNA-mediated control, on the acquired anti-phage immunity system (cas/ CRISPR), on stochastic regulation and transcription/post-transcriptional regulation interplay, and on problems of intracellular localization of sRNA and target RNA. The strong international standing of the PI in bacterial regulatory RNAs is indicated by many high profile publications, invited talks, organization of international and national meetings, assignments as reviewer, international collaborations (HFSPO, EU-STREPs, EU-COST), and advisor/ committee member functions (e.g. ESF). GW is on the Board of Directors of the RNA society.


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  • Darfeuille, F., Unoson, C., Vogel, J. & Wagner, E.G.H. (2007) An antisense RNA inhibits translation by competing with “standby” ribosomes. Mol. Cell 26, 381-392.
  • Udekwu, K., Darfeuille, F., Vogel, J., ReimegĂ„rd, J., Holmqvist, E. & Wagner, E.G.H. (2005) Hfq-dependent regulation of OmpA synthesis is mediated by an antisense RNA. Genes & Dev. 19, 2355-2366.