Ekwall Group

Karl Ekwall, Professor, Ph D
Participating group member:
Post doc Agata Smialowska
Dept. of Biosciences and Nutrition, Center for Biosciences, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden email: Karl.Ekwall@ki.se

Profile of the group:

Our main expertise is in large-scale functional epigenomic analyses, using primarily fission yeast (S. pombe) as a model organism. During my postdoc I expanded on studies of the position effect variegation and determined that the Swi6 protein (HP1 homologue) plays a key role in centromeric silencing. I subsequently demonstrated that the control of epigenetic states at centromeres is governed by histone acetylation. After starting my own laboratory at Karolinska Institutet I made important contributions towards understanding the role of RNAi in regulating pericentric heterochromatin. The ensemble of research on epigenetic regulation of centromeric chromatin has shown that it provides a universal paradigm for unraveling the regulatory machinery that operates at the chromatin level to control gene expression. Therefore we are now taking a holistic approach towards understanding epigenetic regulation, elucidating mechanisms at work both in centromere and gene regulation including the role of ncRNA. Our group recently provided evidence for a new mechanism of centromeric small RNA production leading to heterochromatin formation and we are currently investigating the role of small RNA in coding regions and intergenic regions in S. pombe. I have been invited speaker at international conferences on 40 occasions and published 58 original publications and 16 reviews (http://www.bionut.ki.se/groups/kek/publications.html). In addition to these research achievements, I am currently chairman for the Swedish Epigenetics network and was member of the EU Epigenome network of excellence.


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