Svenningsen Group

Sine Lo Svenningsen, assistant professor, PhD
Participating group members:
Ph.D studs Sabine Hansen and Nina Molin Høyland-Kroghsbo.
Address etc.:
Section for Biomolecular Sciences, Institute of Biology, University of Copenhagen, Ole Maaløes Vej 5, 2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark. email:

Profile of the group:

Sine Lo Svenningsen is a FREJA fellow at the University of Copenhagen since February 2009. This is a 3-year transition position from postdoctoral fellow to associate professor awarded by the Faculty of Science as part of a faculty-wide effort to attract more female researchers to permanent academic positions. SLS completed her PhD studies at Princeton University under the supervision of President of the American society for microbiology (ASM), Prof. Bonnie Bassler, on a full scholarship from Princeton University. At the University of Copenhagen, SLS has two PhD-students under her supervision. SLS is a member of MolPhysX (KU program of excellence) and CMOL (center of excellence funded by the Danish National Research Foundation), and is the PI on grants from the Danish Council for Independent Research and the Novo Nordisk Foundation. The Svenningsen group studies the role of small regulatory RNAs (sRNAs) in gene regulatory networks. Regulatory RNAs are studied that alter the dynamics of gene networks compared to networks employing traditional protein-based control. The international recognition of SLS is evidenced by invited talks at Cold Spring Harbor, the UK Society of General Microbiologys spring meeting, the Banbury meeting on Quantitative genetic networks as well as invited talks at symposia in USA, India, UK, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. SLS is a reviewer of the Journal of Molecular Biology and Molecular Microbiology, and a board member of the Danish Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.


  • Svenningsen S.L., Tu K.C. and Bassler B.L. 2009. Gene dosage compensation calibrates four regulatory RNAs to control Vibrio cholerae quorum sensing. EMBO J. 28(4): 429-39.
  • Svenningsen S.L, Waters C.M and Bassler B.L. 2008. A negative feedback loop involving small RNAs accelerates Vibrio choleraes transition out of quorum-sensing mode. Genes & Dev. 22(2): 226-38.
  • Tu KC, Long T, Svenningsen SL, Wingreen N, Bassler BL. 2010. Negative Feedback Loops Involving Small Regulatory RNAs Precisely Control the Vibrio harveyi Quorum-Sensing Response. Mol. Cell 37(4): 567-579.