Sandelin Group

Albin Sandelin, Associate professor PhD
Participating group members:
Ph.D. studs: Mette J├Ârgensen, Yun Chen, Johannes Waage. Postdocs: Mette Boyd
Address etc.:
The Bioinformatics Centre, Department of Biology & BRIC, Ole Maaloes Vej 5, Copenhagen University, DK2200, Denmark

Profile of the group:

A. Sandelin has a strong track record in computational studies of transcription factor binding sites, core promoters and transcriptomics in human and mouse, including ncRNAs; in total over 40 publications. He has a joint computational and experimental group focused on core promoters and their role in disease, as well as fundamental gene regulation biology and ncRNAs. The group has very firm ties with RIKEN Yokohama Institute, and are experts in analyzing 5 tagging data such as CAGE, ChIP-seq and small RNA data. The experimental part of the group are now setting up these techniques in-house to apply them to medical samples. The group is also part of international consortia, including FANTOM 2-5 and the pilot ENCODE project. A. Sandelin is noted for being the founder of the highly used and cited open-access JASPAR database, whose publications together has more than 500 citations. The group is also a central part of the Bioinformatics masters program at Copenhagen University, teaching functional genomics and bioinformatics. Substantial external funding has been obtained from Novo Nordisk Foundation, Lundbeck Foundation and the Danish Cancer Society, and A. Sandelin was awarded an ERC grant the first year it was announced.

Selected Publications: