Kjems Group

Jørgen Kjems, full professor, PhD
Participating group members:
Ph.D. stud. Trine Jensen, Post docs Thomas Hansen and Jesper Bramsen.
Address etc.:
Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center iNANO, Department of Molecular Biology, C.F. Møllers Allé, Bldg. 1130, Aarhus C, Denmark email: jk@mb.au.dk

Profile of the group:

The group has a long-standing experience with the basic molecular biology of RNA, and more recently they also entered the field of therapeutic RNAs. Their siRNA/microRNA delivery activities have rapidly expanded, leading to more than 70 high-impact publications and 7 patents over the last 5 years, and the group is now leading in siRNA delivery on the international stage. The lab is also investigating the synthesis and metabolism of mammalian ncRNA, including microRNA and their role in the development of diseases and for differentiation of stem cells. This work has led to the publication of 6 high-impact papers over the last 2 years. The group has also established a strong bioinformatic platform for phylogenetic prediction of RNA structures and microRNA target prediction. The group counts 1 associate professor, 6 post-docs and 10 PhDs and it has over the years produced 24 PhD and 8 master students. The strong international standing of the PI is documented by a total of 150 publications in international journals and the partnership in 6 EU projects and 1 NordForsk network of excellence (as head) over the last 5 years.


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  • Andersen, MO, Nygaard, JV, Burns, J., Howard, KA, Kassem,M., Kjems, J.: Stem cell multi-differentiation using spacial arranged siRNA within polymeric scaffolds. Molecular Therapy. 18:2018-27 (2010)