Exiqon (Mouritzen Group)

Peter Mouritzen, Director, PhD
Participating group members
Ph.Ds Ditte Andreasen, Kim Bundvig Barken, Jesper Salomon, Niels Tolstrup and Thorarinn Blondal.
Address etc.:
Life Science Product Development, Exiqon A/S, Bygstubben 9, 2950 Vedbaek, Denmark. email: pm@exiqon.com

Profile of the group:

P. Mouritzen (PM) joined Exiqon in 2000 and today heads Exiqon Life Science Product Development, which is responsible for development of the RNA research molecular kits and tools sold by the company. The main focus area is ncRNA, where several product portfolios for detection, quantification and functional analysis have been developed using the Exiqon proprietary technologies, including the locked nucleic acid (LNA) technology. The department also conducts computer programming and algorithm development to construct computer based LNA oligo design tools of which some are made available to researchers outside Exiqon through the company website. The group collaborates with Exiqons Diagnostics group to develop blood serum and plasma based protocols for miRNA expression profiling. The developed methods are used in Exiqons own diagnostics program with an aim to discover miRNA biomarkers for cancer that can be used in a minimal invasive procedure for early detection of cancer. PM is representing Exiqon as PI and project manager in several EU funded projects.: RIBOREG, SIROCCO, and ONCOMIR, which all have been very successful with many examples of technology leveraging between partners that have resulted in development of new products at Exiqon and early availability of new technologies in laboratories of the participating partners. PM regularly gives talks on Exiqon technologies and DX achievements at international meetings. PM is assigned as editor for Silence which is a journal of RNA regulation.


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