Brodersen Group

Peter Brodersen, Associate Professor, Ph D
Participating group members:
Post doc Lars Sjögren, PhD student Laura Arribas, PhD student Swathi Kausika, PhD student Miranda Jahnsen.
Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen, Ole Maaløes Vej 5, DK-2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark. email:

Profile of the group:

We use the plant Arabidopsis thaliana to understand mechanisms used by small RNAs to regulate gene expression at post transcriptional as well as transcriptional levels. We have previously shown that miRNAs in plants use mechanisms related to those demonstrated to operate in animals. These mechanisms remain poorly understood in both kingdoms, and we use genetic approaches in Arabidopsis to identify the components required for these mechanisms to work. Our current work also indicates important associations of key components of the small RNA pathways with membrane compartments. We aim to identify the functional relevance of membrane recruitment as well as the molecular mechanisms underlying membrane recruitment of the silencing machinery. Our research programme includes forward genetic screens assisted by next-generation sequencing for gene isolation, biochemical approaches and for characterization of protein complexes involved in small RNA pathways, and deep sequencing coupled to bioinformatic analyses for characterization of small RNA populations in specific tissues and mutant backgrounds.


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